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Low Energy: New Parents Testimony

low energy new parents testimony

Nothing says exhaustion quite like parenthood. Especially in the early days when sleep deprivation, diaper changes, and feedings can really take their toll.

For new parents, just keeping up with baby’s needs can push the body’s energy levels to their limits–not to mention staying on top of jobs, housework, and personal routines outside of childcare.

When Mary and Aaron had twins, they had twice the joy but also twice the responsibility. Luckily, as long-term clients of Snow Holistic Health, they were ready to take on the challenge!

Thanks to Dr. Snow’s clinical nutrition care, Mary and Aaron have the energy they need to keep themselves–and their family–happy and healthy.


[Dr. Eric Snow]: Hey, Dr. Eric Snow here at Snow Holistic Health with another awesome testimony. This is Mary and Aaron, and they started coming into our office–it's probably been about a year so.

Real cool things happening in their life. So, just had twins. She pulled twins off, and they both pulled twins off, so we’re really excited for them.

I’m going to let them take over and just share their story about where they were before they started coming to the office, and what all’s happened with that, so go for it.

[Aaron]: Before I started coming to Dr. Snow, I would wake up and I would be really tired. Feel a little energy once I got ready for work, and then by 11 almost to noon, I’d get really tired again. Just having trouble staying energized.

I was also having a lot of issues with my diet–anything I ate just wasn’t agreeing with my stomach. And so, when I came to Dr. Snow, he put me on a routine, gave me good ideas on what to eat, supplements, trying to get my stomach right. It took a lot of focus and time.

What I like about talking to Dr. Snow is, he takes personal time with you and asks you questions. He really listens to your answers.

And I know my wife, too. She kind of jumped on board with me to try as well. She’s found a lot of the same benefits that I have: really, just a ton of energy.

[Mary]: More energy and I was able to have a healthy pregnancy with the twins, naturally.

[Aaron]: Twins because of him! So, we’ve enjoyed the experience. I recommend it to everybody. It does take commitment and dedication to your health.

[Mary]: But it’s all worth it. Your results that you get working with Dr. Snow.

[Aaron]: Absolutely.

[Mary]: Absolutely worth it.

[Dr. Eric Snow]: Awesome! Yeah, we're so proud of these two. Again, they just had twins and they feel good. We're, you know, still working on helping them with the energy.

We can't help them with the sleep deprivation they’re going through, but hey, they're doing good! Not getting as much sleep and still having a good time.

It's just so awesome to see what you can do when you take back your health and realize, hey, this body is designed to be well. We've just got to give it the right nutrition, get the bad stuff out– the bad stuff out of the diet–get the body moving better, and amazing things can happen.

So again, good job guys. We’re proud of you. We’re looking forward to see what we can do to help you and your family here at Snow Holistic Health.

[Aaron]: Thanks, doc.