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Family Healing: Patient Testimony

Family healing: patient testimony

Jennifer initially came to us for her son, Jamie. He was timid, anxious, and struggling in school. But Jennifer was struggling, too: tired, lethargic, and frequently on the verge of passing out, she knew that she and her sons needed help.

At Snow Holistic Health, Jennifer and her sons Jamie and Grayson received chiropractic care and nutritional counselling and saw their lives and their health change for the better. 


[Dr Eric Snow]: Hi, this is Dr. Eric Snow from Snow Holistic Health, here to share with you another transformational testimony. This one is a little different because this is about a family who came in not too long ago.

This is my friend Miss Jennifer, and she brought in her two sons, Jamie and Grayson. And they have done so well here.

But I'm letting Miss Jennifer just tell a little bit about what she came in for. 

[Jennifer]: We first originally came in because–mainly because of Jamie's behavior problems.

[Dr. Eric Snow]: Right.

[Jennifer]: He has made a tremendous…

[Dr. Eric Snow]: Yes. Yes, he has. Yeah, I just, since Jamie came in, his demeanor from my just initial contact of talking with him, he's definitely had a lot of timidity. And so we started working with him. 

We've done chiropractic care. We did a real in-depth analysis of his foods. We did some testing with that nutritional testing and got him started on some support, and he's really made a big change. 

You even told me you all had like just other people, like family friends, noticed that he had had made some improvements, correct?

[Jennifer]: Yeah. Many family members told us that whatever I'm doing to keep on doing it. 

[Dr. Eric Snow]: Yeah

[Jennifer]: His teachers at school were just astonished because they said that all his work has improved so much. He colors like the best in his class.

[Dr. Eric Snow]: Oh, wow.

[Jennifer]: He knows all the days of the week, you know. 

[Dr. Eric Snow]: Yeah.

[Jennifer]: He’s just the first one to answer, whereas before he was always– 

[Dr. Eric Snow]: Yeah, he was just kind of like nervous about it. And that's interesting to see how much food, and the lack of proper nutrients, and just having a human frame, a spine, that's misaligned, how that affects the function of the body, the brain, and the nervous system.

And then we have Grayson, as well. And so, he's made improvements as well, correct?

[Jennifer]: He has.

[Dr. Eric Snow]: Yeah, very good. Cool. And then let's talk about you. So, you came in–she came in after the two sons. She was like, you know what? I think I need this, too. And so we've been doing chiropractic care with you and been doing some supplements, and what are some one or two things you've noticed that's better for you?

[Jennifer]: Well, my energy’s a lot better. I used to feel like I was gonna pass out all the time, just like walking, and I don't have those feelings anymore.

[Dr. Eric Snow]: Yeah, very good. Excellent. Yes, so she's done well, Miss Jen. She runs a real popular restaurant in our area, Hollier’s, and so they stay very busy. She just has a lot of stuff to do to keep up with something of that magnitude, and so she needs her energy. 

You need brain power. You need to be able to move good. And so, she's done really well with that. 

Thank you for being brave and sharing your testimony. It's just awesome to see what you can do with holistic healthcare. 

Hey, if this sounds like you, if you have children that you know are maybe not at their best, or maybe you're suffering from some health problems, we would like to help you. I want you to know that there is help. 

Give us a call today if that sounds like you, and you just want to take your health to the next level. Thank you.