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You shouldn’t have to live your life without
optimal health and abundant energy

Are you continuously tired and feel unhealthy?
Are you getting sicker?
Are you losing money by missing work with escalating health costs?
Are you not fulfilling your life’s purpose?

Personalized Lifestyle Plans To Reclaim Optimal Health

Get Off The Symptom Treadmill

We help you get off the symptom treadmill by identifying the root cause and then create a personalized plan so that you can have hope again and restore your health.

Get An Unfair Advantage In Life & Business

We help you use diet, whole food concentrates and personalized lifestyle plans to maximize energy and boost brain power to excel in life and business.

Feel Vibrant & Energetic Again

You will regain your health from challenges such as digestive issues, hormonal imbalance, chronic fatigue, and weight loss resistance and then feel great every day.

We know how frustrating the cycle
of treating symptoms vs. the root cause can be

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Knowing how to select the right foods to achieve loads of energy, clarity in your mind and getting pain free is not only possible but essential to a healthy body.

You can take action today by implementing these holistic strategies to get well and stay well for the rest of your life!


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3 Steps To Reclaim Your Optimal Health

1. Schedule A Consultation

Come to our relaxed office, talk over the phone or connect via video to discuss your unique health challenges. We make it easy to connect so that you can get the help that you need.

2. Get A Customized Plan

We dig deeper together to uncover the root cause of your health issues. Then create a customized transformation plan based on our findings to help you regain optimial health.

3. Live Well Everyday

We help you implement the plan with ongoing follow-up support at regular intervals to ensure that your transformation remains on target and your health goals are achieved.

What Our Patients Say

I have been a patient of Doctor Snow over a decade. I see him regularly for nutritional support. Because of absorption deficiencies, my nutritional status must be monitored. Dr. Snow prescribes supplements that support the function of my body and his care has made a dramatic difference in my physical well-being! His nutritional care has significantly improved my quality of life.
Beverly LeBouef
Beverly LeBouef
22:10 21 May 19
The staff at Snow Holistic Health are always friendly and supportive. They go above and beyond in their service and answer all of your questions. Their instructions and advice are always clear and concise. The environment is comforting and relaxing. As expected, it's always a great experience!
Aaron Hunt
Aaron Hunt
21:36 19 Apr 19
Dr. Snow and his staff are always friendly and knowledgeable. I love the natural approach to health concerns and healing in our bodies. I love the Christian atmosphere and I feel like Dr. Snow is living out his calling helping many people heal and live the abundant life they were meant to! Highly recommend him to everyone!
Kimberly Pourciaux
Kimberly Pourciaux
23:00 19 Mar 19
Great atmosphere! Dr. Snow knows his stuff. He is always staying up to date on best methods and and supplements to bring the best natural healing to your body soul and mind. He and his staff are a real blessing!
Hope Carlin
Hope Carlin
19:57 09 Apr 19
I’ve been seeing Dr. Snow for nutrition and chiropractic care and the things that I’m learning about my body and the systems have been priceless! The overall wellness of the person has been a process but the supplements and the weekly adjustments have me in a state of enjoying a pain free existence with my back! Also I’m learning the right way to eat and exercise and using supplements to help me with my overall nutritional health! It’s not just a quick fix! It’s definitely beneficial to the longevity of my life! I’m not doing traditional medications anymore and I feel great! Dr. Snow and his staff are polite and friendly and knowledgeable in the areas of holistic health and I would recommend them to anyone.
Rene Guillory
Rene Guillory
19:46 14 Mar 19
Doc snow is very knowledgeable and you see that he loves what he does. I have been seeing him for the pass few months and my visits are going very well. I think it is a very good approach where healthy lifestyle is concern, Financially it a great sacrifice for me, but I don’t know anything else that is more important than my health. The saying goes “HEALTH IS WEALTH”, I hope we all invest in our health because once it’s bad it not easy to get back as should be. I pray this rating help someone that’s trying to decide if it’s worth it.👍🏽😊
Sanda Frederick
Sanda Frederick
19:37 09 Jul 19
I have been a patient for over 7 years now and I can honestly say that I would not be able to live a fast paced lifestyle that I do without them! And everyone there is truly passionate and so understanding!! Really a great family to be a part of!!
John Morgan Portie
John Morgan Portie
15:56 10 Jul 19
I’m so thankful for Dr. Snow and his staff! He has helped my health so much! It has truly been life changing. When I came to him I had RA, allergies, migraines, lower back pain, IBD and probably a few more problems. It’s been a little over a year and I have almost zero pain, I have a lot more energy, improved allergies and migraines, and my GI tract is normal now! And as a bonus my nails are really long and strong. The staff is very friendly too! I highly recommend Dr. Snow to anyone!
Lindsey Whitehurst
Lindsey Whitehurst
00:36 18 Jul 19

Our Promise To You

You Will Always
Be Informed

We take time to answer your questions and review your options. We help you understand, develop the plan you need and eliminate any confusion.

Your Personal
Information Is Safe

Your information is always safe and secure. We follow the highest industry standards for data security and will always protect your information.

We Work With You To
Regain Optimal Health

We work closely with you to ensure you have the best plan to regain optimal health and become the sucessful, health, happy and energetic vision of yourself.

Why Trust Snow Holistic Health

Many people want to feel more energetic and enjoy optimal health but struggle to achieve it. We create personalized health plans that help them regain their health, so they have more energy for their lifestyle and the people in their lives.

We know how debilitating this feels, first hand. Dr. Eric Snow, D.C. had chronic ear infections as a child and suffered the side effects of taking antibiotics regularly. Dr. Katie Snow, Pharm.D., watched her father’s health deteriorate as he suffered from chronic arrhythmias, taking powerful drugs, having several surgeries, and becoming sicker than ever. We both have witnessed and experienced the miraculous capability of the body to recover and heal when it has a properly functioning nervous system and the specific nutrients it needs.

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