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Female Hormone Protocol
Female Hormone Protocol
Female Hormone Protocol

Female Hormone Protocol


Introducing our Female Hormone Protocol, a selection of supplements meticulously crafted to cater to the distinct needs of women. Here's a guideline to effortlessly incorporate these supplements into your day:

  • Symplex F (Item #7780): Serving as the cornerstone of this protocol, Symplex F is tailored for threefold daily support. Simply take one pill in the morning, another in the afternoon, and one more in the evening to experience its encompassing benefits.

  • Wheat Germ (Item #8225): Renowned for its enriching qualities, this supplement is recommended to be taken twice daily. Consume two pills in the morning and two more in the evening for best outcomes.

  • Chaste Tree (Item #M1190): This supplement, known for its hormone-balancing properties, is suggested to be taken twice a day. Two pills daily will ensure you harness the full potential of this remarkable supplement.

Drs. Eric & Katie Snow have been helping people transform their health for over 16 years through their private practice Snow Holistic Health in Lake Charles, LA. Together, they wrote the best-selling book “Eat & Be Well: How to use food to Maximize Energy, Boost Brain Power, and Get Out Of Pain”. They have been featured on Fox news, NBC and more.

Dr. Eric Snow, D.C. is a sought-after national speaker on such topics as weight loss, nervous system health, functional medicine, natural detoxification, disease prevention, and biblical faith teachings. He has appeared on national TV networks like FOX, NBC, and was also featured on “America Now”.

Dr. Katie Snow, Pharm.D. has worked in all levels of pharmacy practice, including compounding, retail, surgery center and hospital. She has seen first-hand the effects of a body not being properly stewarded and the chronic disease that ensues, leaving an aftermath of strained caregivers and financial wreck.

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