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Hormone Issues: Amanda's Story

Image with caption "Hormone Issues: Amanda's Story"
Hormonal imbalances can strike at any time and their repercussions can be serious. For Amanda, hormonal imbalance symptoms started with fatigue but grew into dangerous mood swings that disrupted her life. She continued to live with the symptoms until, finally, a road rage incident fueled by the hormonal imbalance almost caused her to drive her car into another vehicle.

That’s when she decided to come to Dr. Eric Snow and Snow Holistic Health. With a comprehensive, personalized plan that included functional medicine testing and clinical nutrition care, we were able to help Amanda stabilize her hormones and get back to feeling calm and energized.


Video Transcript (edited for clarity):

[Dr. Eric Snow]: Hi Dr. Snow here with Snow Holistic Health. I want to introduce you to Amanda. Amanda has a great story. We've been working together, with each other, for over a year now.

I’m going to let Amanda tell her story, a little bit about what she was doing, what her life was like, when she came to Snow Holistic Health.

[Amanda]: Okay, well, probably about two years before I started coming, I was getting into my 30’s and I started to put together some pieces that, you know, my Mom, she was tired a lot. Whenever she would come home from work, she would lay down on the couch. And I didn't really understand much of that because I had always been very energetic and just full of a lot of life.

And the older I got, the more I realized how hard it was to keep that happy, energetic, enthusiastic mask on, and how whenever I would get home, I was ready to lay down. And I didn't want to do that.

And I think there's so much knowledge and information now about supplements and whole foods that can help us. But I was kind of at a point where I didn't really know what would work best for me.

I knew it probably was hormone-related, but I didn’t know exactly where to go. So one day, actually, I don’t have road rage, but I had this really extreme bout of road rage where somebody honked at me, and I actually drove straight for them.

And whenever I pulled off, I got my composure, and I said, “You know what? I have to do something, because this is not me. This is not who I am.”

So, I came straight here, actually, and booked my first appointment. And it has definitely been life changing since then.

About two years before that, I had gotten rid of as many endocrine disruptors as I knew how, as far as shampoo, and deodorant, body lotions, makeup and things like that, but it just wasn't enough. So, here I am!

[Dr. Eric Snow]: So, yeah. So, Amanda’s done really good. She came into the program, she's been very easy to work with. We've done whole food nutritional therapy. We've done diet modification. Different detox programs. And we did the functional nutrition testing and medicine testing so we could just have a baseline and see, okay, what is going on. Where are all your numbers at, what your nutrition levels look like, and so we've just been steadily working on changing her lifestyle.

She's been a very good patient, and she's just a different person now. Even when I work with her, she seems more calm. She's more collected. Even our conversations, I can tell like she doesn't have that emotional burden that so many of us have when we have hormonal imbalances.

And they can just kind of sneak up on you. You know, you're in your 20’s or a teenager, a lot of people actually have hormonal imbalance at that time, but they just don't realize that’s what it is.

And then it really catches up with you, when you go through shifts from your 20’s to your 30’s. And then other people in their 30’s and 40’s.

And most of this stuff can be corrected, you just have to learn how to eat right, we have to get you tested to see what's unique about you. And then we use the nutrition of thebody piece, that healthy physiology, to build everything back up. So, Amanda is a good example of that.

And so we're so proud of Amanda. And so thank you for this testimony and bless you. We look forward to seeing how we can help you and your family improve your health, transform your health.