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Dr. Eric Snow's Holistic Health Fast Track

Take your health to the next level with our one-on-one virtual health coaching.

Personalized to fit your needs and 100% virtual to fit your schedule, our Holistic Health Fast-Track includes:

- 6 Months of individual health coaching with bestselling holistic health expert Dr. Eric Snow

-12 Nutrition Appointments to pinpoint health issues and track your progress

- Critical 4-Point Diagnostic testing including hair, blood, hormones, and food sensitivities to identify imbalances, deficiencies, and toxin levels that are draining your energy and vitality (valued at $2000)

-Strategic natural health plan and individual coaching with Dr. Eric Snow to help you achieve YOUR health goals

Transform your health naturally.
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Dietary Makeover

Work one-on-one with our experienced Patient Educator to build a custom meal plan that works for you.

No more one-size-fits all diet plans! Our dietary makeover is personalized to fit your lifestyle, goals, and tastes.

24/7 Patient Portal

Clinical support is at your fingertips with our 24/7 patient portal. Access records, ask questions, and track progress anytime.

Get individual support from Dr. Eric Snow and our experienced clinical staff during clinic hours.

Personalized Grocery Shopping Guide

All-inclusive access to Dr. Eric Snow's groundbreaking "Shop with the Doc" grocery shopping experience.

This guide will help you discover strategies for meal planning and ingredients shopping that form the foundation of healthy eating.

Learn how to spot and avoid common Big Food scams that keep you feeling sick, tired, and miserable.

Includes a FREE copy of Dr.'s Eric and Katie Snow's Bestselling book Eat & Be Well: How to Use Food to Maximize Energy, Boost Brain Power, and Get Out of Pain

The Snow Holistic Difference

Unlike other personal health programs run by uncertified influencers and internet personalities, Dr. Eric Snow's Holistic Fast Track is backed by decades of scientific knowledge, clinical experience, and over 4,000 successful patient outcomes.

Dr. Eric Snow is a board-certified Chiropractic Physician with additional certifications in Functional Medicine, Applied Clinical Nutrition, and Integrative Assessment Technique & System Strength Analysis.

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Holistic Health Fast-Track Package Includes:

  • 6 Month Individualized Health Coaching

  • Holistic Deep-Dive Initial Appointment

  • 12 Nutrition Appointments


    • Food Record Review
    • Lab Reviews
    • Report of Findings
    • FREE copy of Eat and Be Well: How to Use Food to Maximize Energy, Boost Brain Power, and Get Out of Pain
  • 4-Point Critical Diagnostics


    • Comprehensive Blood Labs
    • Toxic Elements Hair Analysis
    • Complete Hormone Panel
    • Food Sensitivity Test
  • 24/7 Patient Portal Access

  • Dietary Makeover

  • Initial Dietary Makeover Consult + 3 Follow-Up Sessions


    • Personalized nutrition counseling to help you reduce inflammation, boost energy, and close nutrition gaps
    • Work one-on-one with our Patient Educator to identify and overcome lifestyle barriers and other issues holding you back from hitting your goals.
  • Personalized Grocery Shopping Guide


    • All-inclusive access to Dr. Eric Snow's "Shop with the Doc" grocery shopping experience.
    • Learn how to build and maintain a personalized meal plan.
    • Learn to spot (and avoid!) common Big Food scams at your local supermarket

Dr. Eric & Katie Snow

Dr. Eric Snow D.C. is a Chiropractic Physician based in Lake Charles, LA.

As a child, Dr. Eric suffered from chronic ear infections and stomach pain. His mother learned about nutrition’s role in health and food sensitivities and decided to remove all dairy products from his diet and heal his gut with whole food-based supplements. This was the end of his stomach pain and also the end of his chronic ear infections.

Dr. Eric attended Texas Chiropractic College, graduating in 2005. He also became certified in Applied Clinical Nutrition and began his own practice, Snow Holistic Health, in 2008 along with his wife Dr. Katie Snow. Together, they have transformed the lives of thousands of patients with holistic health care.

Dr. Eric is also a sought-after speaker on such topics as weight loss, nervous system health, functional medicine, natural detoxification, disease prevention, and biblical faith teachings. Dr. Snow has appeared on national TV networks like FOX, NBC, and was also featured on “America Now”.

Drs. Eric & Katie Snow have been helping people transform their health for over 16 years through their private practice Snow Holistic Health in Lake Charles, LA. They provide online programs and resources that help people bring their health to the next level.

Together, they wrote the bestselling book Eat & Be Well: How to Use Food to Maximize Energy, Boost Brain Power, and Get Out Of Pain. Their latest project, Holistic Health Fast Track 6-Month Virtual program condenses their combined professional experience and puts their expertise as holistic health professionals at your fingertips.

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What Our Patients Say

Wendy M.

I've been seeing Dr. Snow for over 13 years. He's amazing! I can trust him, and that's important when it comes to your health. I love their holistic approach to health.

4:15 PM / April 21, 2024

Juliet E.

I've been a patient with Dr. Snow since 2010. My performance in all my athletic endeavors has improved incredibly. I'm now 60 years old, in toe shoes, and doing ballet en pointe!

A lot of the successes I'm having physically, I really attribute to Snow Holistic Health

12:28 PM / May 25, 2024

Gareth M.

In my early 40's, I had a herniated disk. The doctors told me I would probably never walk right again. That hasn't been the case. I decided to let Dr. Snow coach me through it. Along with nutrition, chiropractic, and the good Lord, today I'm 51, and I can run, I can jump, I can lift, I can do anything I want to do.

11:38 AM / May 29, 2024