Get Better Results With Comprehensive Testing

Unique factors such as neuromuscular dysfunction, hormone levels, metabolism and food sensitivities can affect your progress. Learn what is affecting your body and get a personalized nutrition and chiropractic program that’s effective.

Know Your Body
Get Customized Protocol Plans

Get a comprehensive assessment of what’s happening inside your body and a personalized plan with lab tests, a detailed examination, and health technologies. This allows Dr. Snow to create accurate and customized supplement protocols designed specifically to your body.

Specialty Lab Testing
Remove The Guess Work

Comprehensive tests

Gain a better understanding of your hormones, cardiovascular profile, glucose levels, inflammation and more. Get precise details for a custom diet, supplement, and detoxification plan.

Food Sensitivity

Food sensitivities can disrupt your body’s ecosystem, showing up as rashes, digestive issues, nasal congestion and weight gain. Know what foods are right and wrong for you.

Stress & Resilience

Experiencing weight gain, sleep issues or belly fat? Our comprehensive tests will reveal what’s wrong with your body and the possible impact of your stress response to your overall wellbeing.

Metabolic Assessments
Better Results Through Science

Weight management is a lot easier when you know YOUR body’s specific composition, cellular health and metabolic rate. Our Body Composition Analysis will help you learn how your natural metabolism is getting you closer to or further from your goals. Our assessment will also determine your cellular function, as well as your intracellular and extracellular water percentages so you know your body’s capacity to detoxify so that we can optimize your ability to burn body fat and improve overall health.

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