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Pancreatic Enzyme Supplement Pancreatrophin PMG®: Benefits, Side Effects, Ingredients, and Where to Buy

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Why should you care about a healthy pancreas? Our pancreatic health impacts our digestion, our blood sugar, and how much energy our organs can access at any given time.

Standard Process Pancreatrophin PMG® is a pancreatic supplement that supports healthy cell reproduction, enzyme production, and metabolism in the pancreas to help you feel active and energized throughout the day. 

What is Pancreatrophin PMG®? 

Standard Process Pancreatrophin PMG® is a pancreatic supplement that contains a proprietary ProtomorphogenTM blend derived from bovine pancreas extract. This powerful cellular health supplement helps support healthy pancreatic function, as well as cellular metabolism for better energy, stable blood sugar, and healthy digestion. 

Lab Grown Supplement vs Whole Food Supplements

Dr. Royal Lee, the creator of Standard Process, proposed a focus on whole food supplements (rather than synthetic supplements made in a lab), which provided holistic nutrition in the way the body was best primed to absorb it: from food. 

When we absorb nutrition from food, we’re not absorbing individual vitamins and minerals, but a complex combination of vitamins, minerals, macronutrients, fiber, and other compounds which shape the way our body processes and absorbs nutrients. With lab-made supplements, we may absorb fewer nutrients--and miss out on the trace minerals and other compounds that help our bodies function. 

Why is pancreatic health important

The pancreas is a large gland located between the gallbladder and the small intestine. It serves a dual role as a part of the digestive system and the endocrine system. 

 As part of the digestive system, the pancreas manufactures digestive enzymes that help break down the foods you eat into usable components. As part of the endocrine system, it manufactures insulin and glucagon, two hormones involved in blood sugar regulation. As a result, a healthy pancreas is essential to healthy digestion and healthy energy. 

Pancreatic Enzymes

The pancreas is also responsible for manufacturing several essential enzymes which play a key role in digestion. Primary pancreatic enzymes include: lipase, protease, and amylase--compounds responsible for helping our digestive tract break down fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. 

Standard Process Pancreatrophin PMG® Benefits

Image with caption: "Benefits of Standard Process Pancreatrophin PMG Supports healthy insulin production, helps improve digestion, reduce inflammation, supports metabolic activity)

The benefits of Pancreatrophin PMG® pancreatic supplement include: 

Supports healthy insulin production

Pancreatrophin PMG® contains a special blend of nucleoproteins that offer targeted support of the pancreas, including the production of insulin for healthy blood sugar levels.

Helps improve digestion 

By supporting healthy functioning of the pancreas, Pancreatrophin PMG® helps facilitate the creation of digestive enzymes that break down food during digestion. Additionally, Pancreatrophin PMG® contains alfalfa, a plant rich in chlorophyll, which helps detoxify and protect the GI tract. Chlorophyll also helps the body maintain a healthy microbiome.

Helps reduce inflammation

Pancreatrophin PMG® contains buckwheat juice, alfalfa, and wheat germ oil which may help reduce inflammation in the pancreas and throughout the body.

Supports metabolic activity

Standard Process Pancreatrophin PMG® pancreatic supplements contains nutritional yeast, an excellent source of micronutrients including chromium, selenium, and B-complex vitamins that help the body process sugars. Additionally, nutritional yeast is rich in enzymes and amino acids that help break down proteins. And it can help support biodiversity in the gut. 

Pancreatrophin PMG® Side Effects

No significant side effects have been reported with this supplement. However, individual experiences may vary. Some individuals may experience minor gastrointestinal upset or an allergic reaction. If this occurs, stop use and consult with a physician. 

This supplement is not recommended for women who are breastfeeding or pregnant. Keep out of reach of children.

Standard Process Pancreatrophin PMG® Ingredients

Each Serving Size (1 Tablet) contains: Sodium 30 mg. Proprietary Blend 425 mg: Bovine pancreas PMG®™ extract, organic alfalfa (aerial parts) juice powder, nutritional yeast, porcine duodenum, defatted wheat germ, organic buckwheat (aerial parts) juice powder, and organic buckwheat flour.

Where to buy Standard Process Pancreatrophin PMG®

Pancreatrophin PMG®, 90 Tablets

We offer Standard Process Pancreatrophin PMG®, 90 tablets in our supplement shop.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Pancreatrophin PMG® gluten free?

No, Pancreatrophin PMG® is NOT gluten free.

Does Standard Process Pancreatrophin PMG® pancreatic supplement contain dairy?

No, Pancreatrophin PMG® does not contain dairy. However, this product is processed in a facility that also manufactures other products containing soy, wheat, egg, milk, peanut, tree nuts, fish, and shellfish.  

Is Pancreatrophin PMG® soy free?

Yes, Standard Process Pancreatrophin PMG® is soy-free. However, this product is processed in a facility that also manufactures other products containing soy, wheat, egg, milk, peanut, tree nuts, fish, and shellfish. 

Is Standard Process Pancreatrophin PMG® vegetarian or vegan?

No, Pancreatrophin PMG® contains animal products, including bovine pancreas extract. 

What makes Standard Process unique?

Organic Farming Processes

Quality starts with the soil. Standard Process uses organic ingredients that are grown in soil that is fertilized with nutrient-rich cover crops and byproducts. Plants are continuously monitored for growth and kept healthy without the use of synthetic pesticides.

Innovative Manufacturing

In manufacturing, Standard Process utilizes a low-temperature, high-volume drying technique which preserves the nutritional potential of ingredients and ensures that naturally-occuring nutritional compounds remain intact. This also preserves the enzymatic vitality provided by whole food ingredients.

Unlike supplement manufacturers who rely on synthetic ingredients, Standard Process believes in making supplements that are designed to be absorbed by the body and which maintain natural nutrient ratios as closely as possible.

Expert Quality

Quality control is overseen by degreed microbiologists and chemists who conduct regular bacterial and analytical tests to ensure the quality and safety of ingredients and finished products.