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Neck and Shoulder Pain: Jean's Story

Stick figure holding aching shoulder. Caption: Neck and Shoulder Pain: Jean's Story

At first, Jean thought her severe neck and shoulder pain was a pinched nerve. She was in a lot of pain and decided to turn to Snow Holistic Health for chiropractic care. During her exam, Dr. Eric Snow discovered that Jean was actually suffering from a displaced shoulder! 

Two months, and several readjustments later, Jean was pain-free and working on improving her nutrition through holistic nutrition care. 


[Ann]: Hey guys, it's Ann with Snow Holistic Health, and I'm here with our good friend Miss Jean. She has been coming to us for a while now. 

What did you originally come to us for?

[Jean]: I originally came for– I was having a lot of trouble with what I thought was a pinched nerve in my neck and my shoulder, really hurting a lot. And after exams with Dr. Snow, he realized I had a displaced shoulder.

So, going through treatments in chiropractic care, within about two months it was just like almost totally new. No pain whatsoever. Everything cleared up just by getting readjusted throughout my body.

Then I also did the health and holistic health care, which I've always been kind of into. Dr. Snow does a thermal test on all your deficiencies: minerals, vitamins, and everything. So, he really got me back straight on what my body needed.

And considering all the things we've been through this past year, he really got my system back in balance, and I'm feeling the best I’ve ever felt.

[Ann]: Well Miss Jean, I'm so glad that we could help you, and if this sounds like you guys, you just pick up the phone and give us a call so we can get you feeling your best.