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Gut Reset: Patient Testimony

Gut Reset Program: Patient Testimony

Have you heard of our Gut Reset Program? For over a decade, Dr.'s Eric and Katie Snow have helped thousands of people transform their health and their lives. The secret is in the gut. 

Gut health isn't just about digestion: our GI tract and the beneficial bacteria that live inside it (called the microbiome) play a central role in our immune system, our joint health, and even our mental health. Chronic inflammation, brain fog, joint pain, hormonal imbalances: in many cases, we can trace it back to our gut health. 

Hear how Dr.'s Eric and Katie Snow have used the innovative Gut Reset Program to help patients transform their gut health. 


[Dr. Katie Snow]: Hi, I'm Dr. Katie Snow.

[Dr. Eric Snow]: And I'm Dr. Eric Snow. For over a decade now, my wife and I have been helping people regain their health and live their full potential through both our local office and through our online programs. We have seen thousands of the most amazing transformations in each one of them, again with a single step.

Most of the problems plaguing our patients that we have served in our local office
have been rooted in gut issues.

[Dr. Katie Snow]: That's right. From hormone imbalances, energy problems, pain in the joints, and so much more, these issues can many times be tied back to harmony in our guts.

However, there's so much information out there that you may not know what is
right, and what's not right, and how to solve your gut problems. We know how daunting it can be to sort through all the information online, trying to figure out what is right for your body and your situation.

[Dr. Eric Snow]: That's why we put together our Gut Reset Program that we have used for years right here in our office with amazing testimonies of helping solve so many health problems through getting the gut rebalanced.

Here's one testimony from one of our actual patients.

[Patient]: I'd been having some stomach pains, and some issues that just seemed to continue to get worse. And I would go to my primary care doctor and gastroenterologist, and they couldn't find anything wrong with me.

They ran tests and did blood work, and there was nothing apparent that was wrong. But I just kept feeling really bad.

And so anyway, fast forward to, I don't know, sometime in May, I guess. I found Dr. Snow, and I started coming to see Dr. Snow. And he analyzed my diet and just my situation, and started making some minor changes.

And through a series of nutritional consultations and adjustments, I guess it's been six or eight weeks, I'm starting to feel really good and every day feeling better and better and just making some some really good changes.

And I just can't say enough about Dr. Snow and his staff. And it's just been a
wonderful experience, and I'm feeling really, really good. I'm back to work. I hadn't been able to work for about six months, and so I started back working a few weeks ago, and it's been going really good.

And so my life has just been better and better every day since I've been coming.

[Dr. Eric Snow]: There are many programs out there that people are selling with no clinical experience, that can waste your time and money and get you nowhere.

We have proven this program over and over again the last fifteen years with thousands of patients that have gotten results. We can't wait for you to join us and hear your wonderful testimonies.

I'm Dr. Eric Snow.

[Dr. Katie Snow]: And I'm Dr. Katie Snow.

[Both]: Helping you transform your health, naturally.