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Detox: Patient Testimony

the words detox: patient testimony over an image of a hand holding a shaker bottle and the 28-day detox kit from standard process
Sheila is one of our long-term nutrition and chiropractic patients. She's been coming to see us since August 2016, and since then we've helped her with a number of issues. With the help of our clinical nutrition care and the Standard Process 28-Day Detox kit, Sheila was able to lose weight, regain energy and stamina, and improve her sleep. 

Watch Her Full Story Here: 


[Dr. Eric Snow]: Hi, I'm Dr. Eric Snow with Snow Holistic Health, and we just want to share with you another awesome testimony. This is a patient and really good friend of mine Sheila, who saw I'm gonna let her do the talking. But she's been coming in for a while, getting chiropractic and nutrition, and I'll let her take over from here.

[Sheila]: Hi Dr. Snow. I want to thank you for everything you've done for me, and I've been coming since August 2016. And I can see changes in my neck, my posture, several different things. I just feel better.

I feel like I'm having more energy, and I did start the 28-Day Detox, and it was great. I went by the book, ate what was in the book, and had the shakes. It was a simple, three-day, two-day, one-day shake and a healthy--and had so much energy. Walked around the block every afternoon. Lost 12 pounds.

[Dr. Eric Snow]: Awesome.

[Sheila]: Yes. And I feel great. And I think I've lost more inches than weight.

[Dr. Eric Snow]: That's awesome. Excellent. Miss Sheila did great. She started our 28-Day Detox. It's an all-in-one shake program. We had some different supplements, and she's been family--part of our family here at Snow Holistic Health.