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Back Pain: John's Story

Image of cartoon man clutching painful back with caption: "Back Pain: John's Story"

John came to us after a severe back spasm left him bedridden for days. As soon as he called our office, we made room in our schedule to make sure John got the care he needed to get back on his feet again. 

Initially, we worked with John to provide immediate relief through professional chiropractic care. Then, we helped him make sure his nutrition was where it needed to be to stay healthy and prevent future spasms. 


Video Transcript: 

[Dr. Eric Snow:] Hi, I'm Dr. Eric Snow here with Snow Holistic Health. We have another awesome testimony. This is Mr. John.

So, I'm gonna let Mr. John take over and just share his experience. What it was like before he came and why he came to Snow Holistic Health, and how he's feeling today.

[John]:  Thanks. So I came because I had a big back spasm. As it turned out, I've had some back issues through time but nothing like this one. Like, I came in on Monday after Saturday having a pretty good spasm where I was actually the first time ever. 

I was in bed for hours. Couldn't really move well at all. Managed to make it in, ease up a little bit come in Monday to see him. His wife made the appointment.

You know, you guys were good enough to get me worked in, which was great in itself. And I tell you, I limped in, and I walked out pretty good.

[Dr. Eric Snow]: Yeah. Amazing.

[John]: Yeah, it was–I became a believer then.  

[Dr. Eric Snow]: Oh very good. Cool. 

[John]: You’ve heard “It’s all a lie.” 

[Dr. Eric Snow]: [Laughing] Yeah, Mr. John had a great experience. He came in, and you were definitely in pain. And I didn't realize how much pain he was in during the initial exam because he was sitting down. 

But when we tried to get him on the table, he was definitely moving a lot less than he portrayed in the chair. 

But we got him started. Started the chiropractic care, the adjustments, and he's really come together pretty quick.

Today, he's pretty much zero pain. Maybe just a little bit there but moving a lot better. Can get up and off and on the table real easy. We even got him started on nutrition. He wanted to just see where he's at, get a baseline.

So I'm excited for Mr. John. He's done well.  You've been a good patient. So, thank you.

[John]: It's easy when we got a good doctor. Thanks a lot.

[Dr. Eric Snow]: Excellent. Thanks you, very good. Yeah so, if this sounds like you, I want you to pick up the phone now and call, so we can see how we can help you with your issues here at Snow Holistic Health.