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Anxiety: Patient Testimony

anxiety: patient testimony
Stephanie came to us with severe anxiety, low energy, debilitating lower back pain, and a will to get better. After a preliminary blood test revealed issues with her adrenals, we built a personalized holistic health plan and in only a few months, Stephanie was calmer, more energetic, and able to enjoy life again. 



I'm Stephanie Fraser. I started coming to Snow Holistic Health a little over a year ago, and the reason I started coming is because my health was so bad that my
It was debilitating.
I had to take off of work for quite a while, and I had severe lower back pain--could not walk two houses down in my neighborhood, which was uncommon, and just my whole general energy was zero. No energy at all.  So I was a mess.
And actually, whenever I first came and sat down with Katie and filled out
my questionnaire, she just picked it up and looked at me and said, "I can't even believe that you're 50 years old, and you have this many things wrong. This--it's just very uncommon for your age. But we can help you."
So, I was very hopeful. And so when I met with Dr. Snow the first time, he did the complete run-up of my blood work which I was very impressed with because he didn't just guess. And he he knew exactly what he was looking at.
And so we started with our regime of supplements and diet changes and exercise. And thinking, "it's the holistic approach. It's everything. It's not just one thing. It's definitely everything."
And probably within three months, four months, I was amazingly better. It's been a year now, I don't have anxiety. Actually, this week--and I'll tell you something that's good to know--I've had almost no anxiety for close to a year, and this last week for some reason it's just kind of amped up.
And when I came today, and they did our little standard test that you do when you have your nutrition visit--quick test--when he came in, the first thing he said is: "How's your energy?"
And I said, "Well, it's not been real good this week." And he said, "I can see that your adrenals were just way off."
I would have never known that. I would have just wondered and wondered what was wrong, and he fixed it today.
He changed some supplements. He gave me a few things to tweak, and now I'm back on the path to everything being good.
As far as the chiropractic care, I was scared to death when I first came, but Dr. Hebert is amazing, and she has brought me all the way back around to where I was before when I started coming. No back pain.
Sciatic pain was bad. I don't have sciatic pain anymore. I'm good--everything is good. Energy is great. He--Dr. Snow usually says, "how is your energy?" And it's
The staff is amazing here. The music is amazing. The mood is amazing. Usually, when I walk in the front door, I just feel like this instant calm coming over me. So,
I love being here.
I love everything about here. I tell all my friends. It's all over Facebook. I'm like: you've got to come! You've got to come! So, I love this place, and I'm just thankful that God led me here.