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Aches and Pains: Patient Testimony

aches & pains: patient testimony
John initially came to us for age-related aches and pains, but he's stayed with us for regular appointments, nutrition, and supplement plans, along with his wife and kids!



[Interviewer]: Okay, you're good.

[John]: Like, before you begin care.

[Interviewer:]:You're all right.

[John] All right. Before I came to Dr. Snow's, I actually was feeling fine, but of course I have a high pain tolerance. Alright, so--but I had--I had a few aches and pains. Probably normal, my guess, for my age or whatnot.

But I did, I guess. I don't know if it's arthritic or whatnot. Just things may be setting up, and my wife had been coming for a while. She suggested I come check it out, and I think my kids had come as well.

Anyway, so a few aches and pains that today--right now--my experience here has been very positive.  And I now come on when, I guess, a maintenance schedule once a month and seems to work perfect, or fine, for sure.

When Dr. Snow is, I guess, aligning my body, getting the bones all right, he seems to think that things are holding better now. And so, I am also--I will suggest that we all take care of ourselves and do the best we can. And for my sake, I can speak, especially as we get older, now.

I mean if we're just going, and we're doing things that aren't healthy for us. You know it's gonna have an impact. A negative impact.

But this has been a very positive experience for my family and myself. And so we're excited. We take the supplements, of course. Been religiously taking that--the Standard Process supplements--and I think that's a very positive thing as well.
And so it's been a great--it's been a great experience here as well. And we're drawing it, I feel it's kind of a way of life. And you just decide where, I guess, consulting with Dr. Snow, what is the best program for you.

And I would say follow that, stick to it, and I think you'll see the positive results that we have. We definitely have, our family, and so I can suggest and definitely recommend Dr. Eric and his staff. And of course, all the others involved with the practice.

So life now, it's been fantastic. I just want to keep that going and keep taking care of myself. I mean, I don't, you know, I do--my past, and my present, my future will be pretty much eating what I want, I do.

But I am I am slowing down the hunger every morning to eat a whole lot like I used to. And I still do, sometimes. I have a crazy appetite. It goes up and down. But I think this has probably helped me as well with that.

My appetite, it seemed to be, now, it's leveled off. So there's no, no real issues there. And it definitely gives you a mindset of eating healthier. And exercise is very important. I would-- I would recommend doing that with this, or any, program, and now just rely on any one thing.

But that being said, doing that taking care of yourself, eating properly. My wife and I have actually done some keto or ketosis eating and that seems to be helping as well.

So, mixing that: a good healthy lifestyle--and, you know, if you're like me, you're gonna get off of it periodically--but if you do that, and then you visit Dr. Snow, and follow his recommendations, I think you're gonna notice a difference. Feel really great. Yeah, excited