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Red Beet Power
Red Beet Power
Red Beet Power
Red Beet Power
Red Beet Power
Red Beet Power
Red Beet Power
Red Beet Power
Red Beet Power
Red Beet Power
Red Beet Power
Red Beet Power
Red Beet Power
Red Beet Power
Red Beet Power
Red Beet Power
Red Beet Power
Red Beet Power
Red Beet Power
Red Beet Power
Red Beet Power
Red Beet Power
Red Beet Power
Red Beet Power

Red Beet Power

Our Organic & Fermented Beetroot Powder not only provides you all the wonderful benefits of Beetroot but also provides extra probiotic support to your gut as the fermentation process creates healthy bacteria to help your gut flora thrive.

Most whole-food beets and beet powders provide dietary nitrates that you or your gut bacteria need to convert into nitric oxide. Your natural conversion converts about 25% of nitrates into NO. Whereas, for our Red Beet Power, the fermentation boosts the conversion of nitrates into NO, supercharging its circulation, energizing, and brain-boosting benefits.

Our fermentation process also creates beneficial postbiotics, and activates nutrients and antioxidants in beets. 

The result is a potent gut, brain, and cardiovascular system supplement that we consistently use in our clinical practice because it does what no other supplement can. Unlike isolated nutrient supplements, we’ve observed that whole food supplements deliver consistent and long-lasting benefits that you can feel. We’ve seen the results in our patients and are excited to make these functional benefits available to you.

Why Fermented Beets?

Unlike most beetroot powders, Red Beet Power is fermented for added benefit. When fermented by lactic acid-producing bacteria, the betalain content can drastically increase. This is beneficial because betalains are some of the most potent and well-researched antioxidants in beets.

The lactic acid bacteria also have the ability to turn the naturally occurring nitrates into NO. This means relying less on your body and gut bacteria to do this conversion, especially if your ability to generate nitric oxide goes down with age.

Fermentation is an extra step we take to make sure you get the most optimal results possible from this superfood vegetable. As a result, we have a red beet supplement that is:

  • Higher in beneficial NO conversion
  • High in activated polyphenol and flavonoid antioxidants
  • Rich in postbiotics that support the gut lining and gut flora
  • Stimulating for the growth and activity of a healthy gut flora
  • Formulated by functional medicine doctors who rely on food and wholefood supplements as first-line therapy
  • Lower in sugar, making it more compliant to ketogenic or low-carb diets

Beetroot has been studied extensively for its health benefits. Based on research and our clinical observations, we regularly recommend Red Beet Power as the first supplement to help with energy and stamina. That way, our patients have the energy to start exercising and working on their health in other ways. Red beet also has cardiovascular, gut, and brain benefits.

Improves Energy and Stamina

Many of our patients come to us constantly tired and rely on coffee to get through the day, thinking it’s normal. The root cause of such tiredness may include:

  • Excess oxidative stress due to low dietary antioxidants, mental-emotional stress, and toxic exposure
  • Excessive inflammation
  • Nutrient deficiencies such as low iron, magnesium, and B vitamins
  • Poor blood circulation, especially to the brain
  • Lack of oxygen delivery to the brain due to poor breathing habits
  • Other hormonal issues such as low thyroid function

Red Beet Power is a powerful whole food supplement that can help you with energy and stamina because it’s rich in beet antioxidants. Also, betalains help promote a balanced inflammatory response. Fermented beets are a great source of bioavailable iron, B vitamins, magnesium, postbiotics, and many other micronutrients that are important for your cellular energy production. Studies show that NO makes your mitochondria more efficient even with less oxygen. Last but not least, as a food source of dietary nitrate and NO, it opens up the blood vessels and improve overall blood flow, especially to the brain.

Therefore, Red Beet Power is often our first supplement of choice when our patients are too tired to make any diet or lifestyle changes. Many of our athlete clients also love it as an ergogenic aid.

Enhances Endurance and Athletic Performance

Most studies on beets so far have been on athletes and how it helps improve their performance. Beets help reduce exercise-induced muscle damage, along with the recovery of strength and performance after each training session. According to a 2021 meta-analysis of 9 studies, beetroot juice improved the following compared to placebo:

  • Recovery of isometric strength at 72 hours post-exercise
  • Countermovement jump at 24-72 hours post-exercise
  • Pressure pain threshold at 48-72 hours post-exercise

Beetroot also makes your body more efficient with glycogen and oxygen usage, making it very beneficial for endurance performance. Another small trial found that participants who ate 200 g of baked beets ran 0.4 km/h faster than those who took the placebo during the last 1.8 km. They also perceived less exertion. 

Promotes Healthy Blood Pressure

Nitric oxide relaxes the blood vessels and promotes healthy blood pressure. We’ve found that people with more suboptimal health tend to benefit more from beets.

Your body controls and balances blood pressure in many different ways. One of the main molecules for this is nitric oxide (NO). 

In the brain, NO influences the neuronal signals that dial down your blood pressure. NO also relaxes the blood vessel walls in the rest of your body (arms, legs, etc.) to relax, improving blood flow to this area.

When your blood vessels open up, your circulation improves, including to your brain. This can boost cognition and brain function, as well as take stress off of the heart and arteries.

As a vegetable source of nitrates, beets can help increase NO in the body. NO works with antioxidants in beets to make it even more beneficial than pure nitrate. This synergy is one of the reasons we only formulate whole food supplements.

By supporting healthy blood pressure levels, beetroot may help protect the blood vessels and mitigate other age-related declines in the cardiovascular system. 

Long term beetroot consumption can lower systolic (the first or higher number) blood pressure by approximately 9 points. A reduction of 5 points in systolic blood pressure can significantly reduce the risk of stroke and cardiovascular disease.

Supports Cardiovascular Health

Maintaining a healthy, functioning cardiovascular system has a lot to do with reducing stress on the system. 

  • Nitric oxide relaxes the blood vessels and modulates the blood pressure, taking some stress off the cardiovascular system
  • Betalains promotes a balanced and healthy inflammatory response
  • Counteracts oxidative stress with polyphenols and flavonoids
  • NO inhibits excessive blood clotting

Red Beet Power is fermented during processing, enhancing these benefits. The fermentation process can significantly increase the betalain content and the conversion of nitrates to NO.

Your ability to produce NO in your blood vessel walls goes down with age. So, fermented beets make a great anti-aging supplement for cardiovascular health. 

Helps Learning, Memory, and Cognition

If you want to improve brain function, Red Beet Power is a great choice, either alone or in combination with other brain supplements.

Brain cells take a lot of energy. Decreased blood flow to the brain (cerebral blood flow) reduces the amount of oxygen and nutrients that reach our brain. This can contribute to suboptimal energy production, leading to brain fog and age-related cognitive decline.[R,R]

Due to its high nitrate and nitric oxide concentration, beetroot powder can help with brain function by improving blood flow to the brain. These brain benefits are even more pronounced when combined with exercise.

Beets also potentiate the benefits of exercise on neuroplasticity, especially in older adults. Neuroplasticity refers to your brain cells’ ability to form new connections to adapt to new lessons or environments. Therefore, beetroots may help with learning, memory, and overall cognitive function. 

Can Support Healthy Gut Bacteria

Having worked with patients with various health problems for nearly 20 years, we believe that gut health and flora are critical to overall health. Everyone can use support for a healthy gut barrier and flora.

Beets contain both prebiotics and antioxidants that feed a healthy gut flora and their activity. Studies show that beet powder stimulates the growth and activity of healthy gut bacteria.[R] Also, when your gut flora ferment beets, they produce postbiotics that are beneficial for both your gut and overall health. 

Red Beet Power is specifically fermented with beneficial lactic acid bacteria which produce postbiotics that nourish the gut lining and promote balanced immune responses.

Therefore, Red Beet Power is our choice for regular maintenance of a thriving gut ecosystem that keeps the immune system balanced, inflammation in check, and digestion functioning optimally.


Red Beet Power is 100% organic fermented beetroots.


Who can benefit from Dr. Eric Snow Red Beet Power?

We think Red Beet Power is the best beetroot powder supplement available. Being a fermented, food-based product, with broad-ranging benefits, it is a safe daily supplement for general wellness support for the majority of people, both adults and children. However, if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, speak to your doctor before introducing any supplements. 

Beet root powder benefits

  • Supports healthy blood pressure response
  • Supports blood flow to the extremities and the brain
  • Promotes thriving gut flora
  • Promotes healthy blood vessel function
  • May help cognitive function, learning, and memory
  • Helps maintain a healthy blood sugar balance
  • Promotes a balanced inflammatory response
  • Contains potent plant-based antioxidants

Can I use Red Beet Power while taking blood pressure medication?

Research consistently shows beetroot’s ability to modulate blood pressure. Therefore, it is possible that the effects could be additive with a medication, causing your blood pressure to dip too low. 

If you are taking any medication, it’s important to speak to your doctor to monitor your condition and potentially adjust the medication dosage as needed.

How much Red Beet Power should I take?

We typically recommend 1 scoop, or 6 g, of Red Beet Power daily, or as recommended by your healthcare provider.

How should I take Red Beet Power?

The supplement is best mixed in ~8 oz. of your favorite beverage. It works particularly well in a smoothie. You can also use it as an ingredient in baked goods or energy balls.

What time of the day should I take Red Beet Power? 

Anytime of day will work. However, blood pressure is supposed to decrease naturally during sleep. If it doesn’t, there can be health implications. For this reason, it can be a good idea to take beetroot powder supplements at night, close to bedtime.

Should I take Red Beet Power with or without food?

Red Beet Power can be taken with or without food.

How long should I take Red Beet Power for?

We prefer beetroot powder as a continual supplement for the maintenance of overall cardiovascular and brain health. It’s helpful to think of this as food as medicine, that you get a little bit of every day.

Does Red Beet Power have any side effects?

If blood pressure gets too low, dizziness, lightheadedness, or fainting are all possible. However, these effects are very unlikely to occur with a gentle supplement like beetroot. 

How long will Red Beet Power take before I see results?

In research, blood pressure and energy often show shifts within a few hours. Cognitive effects may take longer, however, increases in brain oxygen may provide noticeable results quickly. Results may be individual. 

    Drs. Eric & Katie Snow have been helping people transform their health for over 16 years through their private practice Snow Holistic Health in Lake Charles, LA. Together, they wrote the best-selling book “Eat & Be Well: How to use food to Maximize Energy, Boost Brain Power, and Get Out Of Pain”. They have been featured on Fox news, NBC and more.

    Dr. Eric Snow, D.C. is a sought-after national speaker on such topics as weight loss, nervous system health, functional medicine, natural detoxification, disease prevention, and biblical faith teachings. He has appeared on national TV networks like FOX, NBC, and was also featured on “America Now”.

    Dr. Katie Snow, Pharm.D. has worked in all levels of pharmacy practice, including compounding, retail, surgery center and hospital. She has seen first-hand the effects of a body not being properly stewarded and the chronic disease that ensues, leaving an aftermath of strained caregivers and financial wreck.

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