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5 Signs You're Living a Low Energy Lifestyle

5 Signs You're Living a Low Energy Lifestyle

Feeling tired? It might be more serious than stress or poor sleep. Here are five common signs that your lifestyle is causing low energy. 

#5 Your adrenal glands are worn out

Adrenal fatigue can result from long-term exposure to stress. It occurs when the adrenal glands (two small glands responsible for the production of cortisol, aldosterone, and other stress-regulating compounds) become worn out from overuse and can no longer produce enough hormones to meet the body’s needs. 

Common signs of adrenal fatigue include: 

  • Extreme fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Body aches
  • Brain fog
  • Craving sugar or salt

If you’re concerned about your adrenal health, we offer a free online Adrenal Fatigue quiz that can help you assess your adrenal health in less than 5 minutes. 


low energy woman#4 Your hormones are unbalanced

Worried about low energy levels? Check your hormones! Hormones are powerful, natural chemicals that the body uses to signal various processes, including energy production.

 In women, hormones such as estrogen and progesterone naturally fluctuate during menstruation and menopause. However, external factors such as stress, nutritional deficiencies, and age can negatively impact these cycles, leaving you tired, stressed, and emotionally drained. This free Female Hormone Quiz can help you spot the signs. 

In men, low testosterone levels can result in fatigue, weight loss, and irritability. While testosterone levels decline naturally with age, they can also drop due to high stress, poor nutrition, and lack of exercise. Take our free Male Hormone Quiz to learn more.  

#3 Your metabolism is slowing down

We all know that diet and exercise are the key to maintaining a healthy metabolism. But despite our best efforts, factors such as age, stress levels, environmental toxins, and chronic health conditions can slow down our metabolism.

Signs of a slow metabolism include: 

  • Lack of energy
  • Weight gain
  • Dry or brittle hair and nails 
  • Feeling cold
  • Digestion issues
  • Brain fog

You can support your metabolism naturally with a potent blend of food-based supplements. The Standard Process Energy Bundle is a great place to start. 

#2 You’re over-caffeinated

Usually, when we’re feeling tired, the first thing many of us do is reach for a cup of coffee. But did you know that too much caffeine or the wrong type of caffeine can wreak havoc on your body? 

Not only can too much caffeine interrupt your sleep cycle and make you irritable, but caffeine addiction can make it difficult for your body to stay awake and alert on its own. If you’re tired of being tired, it might be time to swap your morning latte for a non-addictive alternative.  

#1 Your diet is heavy on sugar (and light on whole foods)

First the rush, then the crash: sugar might seem like a quick fix for low energy levels, but in the long-run, a high-sugar, high-carb diet can cause fatigue, irritability, and headaches. Not to mention diabetes, high blood pressure, and insulin resistance. 

Much like caffeine, the addictive qualities of sugar can make it hard to beat the habit. But, in the end, your mother was right: the best source of energy is a diet rich in fruits and veggies (and lean protein, too). 

However, if you’re like most Americans, your diet is probably lacking some of the essentials. 

Luckily, even those of us who still struggle to get in our full serving of fruits and veggies can support a healthy lifestyle with whole food-based supplements. Dr. Eric Snow’s organic Green Power contains a powerful blend of seven different greens that can help fill some of the gaps.