The Importance of Detoxification: For Weight Loss and Overall Health


Whether your goal in the New Year is to lose weight or just be a healthier version of yourself, the secret sauce to optimal health is often in DETOXification.

The truth is, we are exposed to significantly more toxins on a daily basis than we did just 50-60 years ago.

The 60’s marked a time of huge shift as the U.S. began the introduction of aluminum cans for foods and beverages, boxed meals, happy meals, artificially sweetened and colored drinks, high-fructose corn syrup, genetically modified foods, preservatives, and more. Because of this, the quality of our foods has deteriorated a great deal in only a short time.

Putting our chemically-contaminated water and food aside, we are exposed to toxins daily in the air we breathe, the perfumes, lotions and soaps we put on our bodies, and in the various cleaning agents we use in our home. Toxic exposure is virtually unavoidable, which makes it harder and harder to remain healthy without partaking in a good detox program at least twice a year. And seeing as how our bodies will create and hold onto fat to store toxins, it’s pertinent to detox if your ultimate goal is to lose weight.

Our livers are responsible for filtering toxins. Yet, the exposure to too many toxins can cause the liver function to become bogged down, putting the body at risk for toxins re-entering the bloodstream (sometimes at higher potency). This can become a dangerous scenario as it can lead to brain toxicity, cognitive issues, fatigue, infertility, hormone imbalance, obesity and even the development of certain cancers. The solution to prevent toxicity-related health issues is to support the liver with the proper vitamins, minerals and nutrients. You will also want to reduce your toxic exposure to your best ability by eating organic foods when possible, avoiding processed foods with artificial sweeteners and preservatives, using paraben-free/ fragrance-free soaps and lotions, changing to an aluminum-free deodorant, and switching to all-natural cleaning agents.

At Snow Holistic Health, we recommend that our patients partake in the detox or purification program 2-4 times a year. These simple programs are designed to naturally remove harmful toxins, pesticides, and excess waste from your body.

Ready to get started? Call our office at (337) 478-1313 and we’ll guide you can join our detox program and get your kit.

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