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Pediatric Care: Cause Behind Neuro-Developmental Disorders

Let’s time travel a bit… Growing up, we were taught a few golden rules. Two of which being: not to name-call and to not do drugs. We all remember the DARE program in school, right?! Now, fast forward some years later and many of us are forgetting the golden rules and...

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We Are One

At our office, as an integral part of our evaluation procedure to determine what might best help you, we examine various parts of your body – skin, muscle, nerves – to understand the health of other organs and glands of your body. We can do this because...

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TNE Tidbit-Autoimmune Disease-PMGs to the Rescue

Autoimmune Disease-PMGs to the Rescue TNE Tidbit: Autoimmune Disease-PMGs to the Rescue When your body attacks its own tissue, you are the "victim." As your immune system is directed to protect you from this "foreign protein," your own body is broken down. The result...

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Calcium Essentials – It’s More Than Bones!

Think calcium and most people think bone health. Growing bones, thinning bones, the risk of breaking bones. More calcium would make bones healthy, right? Perhaps – but our body is quite complex and the right calcium and the right synergists for that...

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Adrenal Stress

  Do you suffer dizziness? Headaches? Weakness? Are you tired but wired? Do you suffer prolonged weakness after colds or flu? Are...

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