5 Must-Have Immune Boosters To Beat Those Pesky Colds


Whether you are a busy working professional, a stay at home parent, a student, or a teacher, you know that there is literally no time to be sick…ever! Especially not during this busy holiday season.  That is why it is so important to feed your body with the nutrients that it needs to combat everyday allergies, infections, viruses, and maintain a healthy and strong Immune System!  Good hygiene, especially hand washing, is by far the most effective way to keep the germs away, but we would also like to suggest 5 must have Immune Boosters to add to your family’s daily routine.

Here are 5 MUST HAVE Immune Boosters:

1. Vitamin B

B vitamins are very important for healthy brain, immune, and nerve function.  And although it would be ideal to consume the necessary amounts of Vitamin B simply through your diet, it is nearly impossible.  Especially because B vitamins are easily depleted through daily activities like exercise, stress, and even caffeine consumption.

2. Vitamin C

Arguably the most common and well know vitamin for your Immune System, and for good reason!  It is a natural antihistamine, assisting in the treatment and prevention of allergies, cardiovascular issues, and in detoxification. If you incorporate this nutrient daily, you can keep your body from overreacting to naturally occurring substances in the environment and the effects of inflammation.

3. Probiotic

Many people do not know that the source of your immunity resides in your gut! A high quality probiotic can restore and maintain a healthy gut flora, which is especially important for those who have recurrent illnesses and/or who have been on antibiotics.  Without this, you could find yourself suffering from yeast overgrowth (candida), halitosis (bad breath), GI issues, acne, and so much more.

4. Rest

Your recommended amount of sleep per night is dependent on your age.  Regardless of your age, it is crucial to build a daily routine that allows the appropriate amount of sleep.  Less than at least 7 hours of sleep can cause your adrenal glands to become stressed, which will weaken your Immune System.

5. Detox

Toxins can wreak havoc throughout your whole body.  It is recommended to complete a detox at least twice a year, or as advised by your physician.  When toxins are eliminated, your whole body is happy! Remember when we said that your gut is the source of your immunity.  When you detox, all of the toxins are eliminated through the gut. Paired with probiotics, your Immune System will be strengthened throughout the process.

If you are prone to all of the allergens and colds and flu symptoms that the changing weather often brings, we would love to see you in our office for a consultation and to discuss the pathway to get you back on track for a happy and healthy holiday season!  Call us to schedule at (337)478-1313.

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